Helped by Loan : Finding the Perfect Summer Internship

After graduating from college, many jobs want experience in your work field. Having a summer internship is a great way gain experience. Here are some ways to find the perfect internship for you:

Check out online resources

There are many online resources to help you look for internships. CyHire is a great tool to find employers who are recruiting Iowa State students. You can search for positions by your college or major, upload your resume, view career fair information and more. You can even automate your CyHire search to have new opportunities emailed to you. LinkedIn is another great tool to connect with people and to find internships in different cities and states. Through LinkedIn you can also connect with alumni of Iowa State University.

Attend career fairs

Career fairs are a great way to network and to create connections with people in the work force. Through networking you are able to share your resume and network for yourself with others. Connections are important for finding job opportunities.

Contact the employer directly

You don’t see an internship at a business or organization you want to work for? Contact the business or the employers. This shows them that you are motivated and willing to go the extra mile.

Find something that works for you

Looking for an internship that intrigues you and will help you improve your skills and connections is important when making a final decision. While there are both paid and un-paid internships, there may be scholarships you can apply for if you decide to take an un-paid position, so don’t discount an opportunity if it will ultimately help you gain valuable experience.

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